• Ian Titchener

Setting New Boundaries

Ely Aviation was recently asked by one of its clients to perform a detailed aerial survey of a piece of land for the purposes of defining new boundaries.

The spectacular site, set in the middle of the fens near Ely Aviation's base was formerly a set of fishing lakes. Ely Aviation's client needed to map out new boundaries for the purpose of dividing the land into 3 separate plots for the purposes of establishing a new build home, charting the potential pathway of a new road and dividing the site into parcels of land for resale with planning permission.

Using one of its advanced aerial platforms Ely Aviation's newly established surveying division attended the site and was able to produce a detailed and geospatially defined, detailed map that had an incredible degree of accuracy.

Ely Aviation's Managing Director Ian Titchener Said "When defining boundaries accuracy and quality of data are essential. So when this job came in visited the site prior to the survey taking place and laid down Ground Control Points, which were then surveyed by our clients' chartered surveyor. Once we had the coordinates of these points and uploaded them into our software platform we were able to produce a model with incredible accuracy"

He continued "Because the client had carried out significant earthworks around the lake, the surveyor was able to use our model to produce the final plans, which were then sent to the land registry and approved"

Ely Aviation's aerial surveying team are able to produce detailed scale plans of any site, 3D models of buildings, roofing surveys and much more besides. Typical time saving over traditional surveying methods can be between 60-80%.

To discuss your project call the Ely Aviation team on 01353 771459.

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