• Ian Titchener

First Students Pass Through The Ely Aviation Drone Academy

#Ely #Aviation recently announced that the first candidates on the 3iC Remote Pilot Authorisation course have recently graduated allowing them to apply to the Civil #Aviation Authority to become fully fledged Commercial #Drone #Pilots.

Managing Director and Instructor Ian Titchener said Our workflow is unique. We have delegates moving through our suite of training programmes who have never flown before. We offer an introductory workshop that prepares new drone users to fly by giving them an awareness of what constitutes good airmanship, they can then if they wish move on to our intensive 3iC course, that includes 12-15 hours of video, 2 days of #ground #school and of #course the final assessments needed to qualify, in fact many of them have now already begun their journey towards becoming fully fledged #commercial drone pilots”

He continued “We also offer a range of courses for already qualified pilots, delivered by experts in their field in the area of #aerial #surveying, sales and marketing and #photography, teaching them how to actually make the most of the camera they have just put in the air

This weeks course was delivered by Ian and also highly respected ex-army helicopter pilot Pete Cleary. The next courses are set to take place in late August and late September. To find out more visit www.elyaviation.co.ukor call 01353 771459 a

A student prepares for his practical flight assessment.

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