• Ian Titchener

Enhancing Your Construction Offering with Drones

Over the years there has been much hype about how drones can be used in the construction industry for inspections and building surveys, and it has to be said that most of it is true! But recent advancements in software and drone technology mean that new and exciting services are on the way that could really enhance your processes and also your ability to communicate with clients.

Monitor Progress of your Site

It is now possible to visualise your build within a single timeline. This means that not only can you track the progress of a build, but also compare it to the original plans with an overlay, allowing you to see any variations, check that you are on track and communicate progress regularly with your clients by sharing photos that instantly become available within minutes of a flight.

Accurate Surveys and in Real Time

You can now monitor a survey as it happens from your drone pilot’s mobile device. This gives you real-time actionable data. Drones can get into hard to reach places and indicate hazards, whilst taking detailed and accurate measurements and compile data that can be used later to mitigate the risks.

Results in Minutes

New software advances mean that actionable maps can be rendered on a mobile device in minutes, sometimes whilst the drone is in the air. These can be instantly shared with clients who can interact and annotate them in a collaborative environment.

Collect Data and Tweak Your Site Development

At any point in the lifecycle of your project, you can view, measure and export the data. Built-in measurement tools mean that you can interact with your drone pilots platform to evaluate site conditions and use built-in measurement tools to benchmark plans. Data can exported into many formats including BIM, GIS, CAD and many more besides.

To find out just how these advances can benefit your business, give us a call in 01353 771459 to discuss your project.

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