• Ian Titchener

Ely Aviation Test Flies Aerial 360 VR Drone

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Ely Aviation, one of Cambridgeshire’s leading commercial drone operators has developed and test flown a new aerial 360 virtual reality drone.

Managing Director Ian Titchener said ‘We are getting approached by more and more people who have either very niche or very bespoke aerial imaging needs, so we have been very busy developing and testing new solutions to meet those needs with our partner Harry Turner of Dronetec Aerial

He continued “The biggest issue was stabilisation, as high-end VR cameras tend to be fairly heavy, but we have developed a workable solution that offers stable flight, as well as being very light and versatile. We aim to offer this solution to our customers with immediate effect

Ely Aviation operates all over Europe carrying out many differing projects, delivering stunning aerial imaging solutions. To discuss your project with one of the team cal the office on 01353 771459 or visit www.elyaviation.co.uk

VR Drone

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