• Ian Titchener

Ely Aviation’s ProDrone Academy Holds First Surveying, Mapping and Photogrammetry Course.

Industry leading commercial drone operator and training organisation Ely Aviation recently held it’s inaugural Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry course.

Delegates attended the course from all over the country, with some coming from as far away as the West-Midlands to hear aerial renowned imaging expert Andy Carman of Arc Aerial Imaging deliver a two day course that was packed with information from over 25 years in the business.

Senior Instructor Ian Titchener said, “We were delighted with the way the course was run. Andy is immensely experienced and taught us all a thing or two!”

The next course is due to take place towards the end of the year. For further information call the EA office on 01353 771459.

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