• Ian Titchener

Ely Aviation Powers Up in Wolverhampton

Ely Aviation, a Cambridgeshire based aerial imaging specialist was recently commissioned

by a client to provide aerial photography, videography and surveying for a brand new power station.

The plant, powered by 6 massive Rolls Royce engines was designed as an automated facility to fill in the gaps in Wolverhampton’s energy needs when demand outstrips supply.

Ely Aviation’s managing director Ian Titchener said ‘This was a job that required a fair amount of planning. Because the unusual configuration of the plant we had to undertake certain parts of the project with a much smaller UAV.’

‘Our client had requested some fly through video of a particular part of the plant that featured a lot of intricate pipework. We were able to use one of our smaller machines to fly without GPS switched on which requires a high degree of concentration and a very steady hand!

The companies growing portfolio of clients include celebrities, musical artists, Local Authorities and many more.

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