• Ian Titchener

Ely Aviation Launches New Amateur Training Programme For First Time Pilots.

Cambridgeshire based commercial drone operator and training company Ely Aviation has this week announced a new workshop to be added to its suite of training programmes.

The new course will be combined with the companies existing ‘Introduction to UAV Technology’ workshop and is set to offer a far more hands-on field-based approach to training.

Ely Aviation’s senior drone pilot and academy instructor Ian Titchener said “We are passionate about safety, and the issue of safety is becoming a real hot potato for amateur pilots”

He continued, “One of the main problems the industry is facing is one of safety. The government is planning online safety tests to bring some kind of competency into the leisure sector of the industry. We don’t feel this will make any difference at all. Giving new pilots hands-on training from people who fly all day will do.

Our new course is designed to not only point out the legalities of flying but also give them practical examples as to why the laws are there. The course also includes two hours of intensive flight instruction. When I first rode my motorbike on the road I had to obtain a certificate of basic training. This is what we are trying to achieve. New pilots with the basic skills they need to be safe.”

The new course will be available in October from the companies Cambridgeshire base.

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