• Ian Titchener

Ely Aviation Launches Dedicated Surveying Division.

Cambridgeshire based aerial imaging specialist Ely Aviation has recently announced the launch of a brand new separate division of the company that will focus on aerial surveying, inspection and geospatial analysis.

The companies Operations Director Rachel Titchener said: “We have been asked on an increasing basis for our more specialist aerial imaging services on an increasing basis over the last six months.”

She continued, “There really is not a typical project, from historic building inspection, land surveying and everything in between. This has meant that we have had to invest a significant amount of time and money on new equipment to ensure we can deliver accurate data to our clients”

The company also works with television companies, and large corporates via its aerial videography division and runs a drone academy in association with 3iC delivering the training needed for new pilots to qualify and gain their CAA permissions.

To discuss your project, call the projects team on 01353 771459.

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