• Ian Titchener

Ely Aviation Launches Commercial Drone Pilot Course

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Industry leading commercial drone operator Ely Aviation is now offering classroom-based CAA approved commercial drone training in association with renowned NQE 3iC.

The ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ course enables successful attendees to apply for permission to operate as a professional drone operator from the Civil Aviation Authority and start a new career within the rapidly expanding UAV sector.

Managing Director Ian Titchener said “We’re thrilled to able to partner with an organisation like 3iC, who has a reputation for quality training and flexibility” he continued “This course will enable those who are either enthusiasts, or who just want a career change to operate legally in the U.K. where we have some of the most stringent operating guidelines in the world”

Courses begin in June and will last for two days entailing everything from air law to meteorology. Interested parties should contact Ely Aviation’s drone academy on 01353 771459 or visit www.pfcotraining.co.uk

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