• Ian Titchener

Ely Aviation Delivers for St Faith's School

Ely Aviation, a leading provider of aerial photography and videography services was recently commissioned by Cambridge’s leading prep-school St Faith’s to carry out an and aerial photography shoot for its new school prospectus.

St Faith’s is an award-winning school whose alumni includes figures such sir Christopher Cockerell (who invented the hovercraft) and sports stars such as world touring car champion Robert Huff and England rugby international Alex Goode.

St Faith’s asked Ely Aviation to capture the school grounds from various differing points around the campus to shoe the fantastic facilities available and the size of the grounds to full effect.

Ely Aviation’s Managing Director Ian Titchener said ‘We planned this shoot with the school to not only ensure that we captured the range of stills required, but also with the safety of the students in mind. The school is also on the approach to Cambridge airport, so we had to liaise with air traffic control to make sure that the airspace was clear. We also informed the local police that we would be operating to reassure any concerned neighbours who may have seen the drone over the school’

He continued ‘Our team have a safety-first approach and are also DBS cleared, this combined with our investment in the latest technology made us ideal for this job”

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