• Ian Titchener

Ely Aviation Delivers at Cambridge’s Science Park

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Ely Aviation, one of Cambridge’s leading commercial drone operators was recently commissioned by a client from Australia, who wanted some aerial footage of Cambridge’s World famous Science Park to form part of a wider marketing strategy.

Managing Director and Senior Pilot Ian Titchener said “This project was quite challenging, not least because of the crowded nature of operating on a large business park, but also because of the radio noise generated by the high-tech businesses located there. This can have a real impact on the command and control link between drone and pilot. We used some of the latest equipment available, including a frequency analyser to check we were operating in a safe position. We also deployed ground crew and safety equipment to manage the site and make sure we could deliver the results, but still put safety first”

Based in Cambridgeshire, the companies clients include everybody from music artists to television production companies. The company also has s dedicated division that specialises in aerial surveying, mapping and building/asset inspection.

Aerial Shot of the Science Park
Cambridge's World Famous Science Park.

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