• Ian Titchener

Changing the Rules

Flying drones is a lot of fun, and over the past 3 years the number of them that can be seen is our skies is increasing exponentially. This increase is being driven by the rapid pace of innovation in the drone sector, combined with the availability of the technology at an ever-decreasing price point.

With numbers of drones on such a rapid increase, the UK government in hand with the Civil Aviation Authority has recently release information on new rules which will form the basis of the new rules that amateur drone enthusiasts will have to follow for all drones that weigh over 250k (that’s pretty much anything!)

From the 30thof July 2018:-

· You must not fly any higher than 400 Ft or 120M

· You must not fly within 1KM of an airport

From the 30thof November 2019

· Register all drones that weigh in excess of 250g. This isn’t much, and will even include small units such as the DJI spark.

· Take an online safety assessment to prove that you meet the minimum safety standards expected for safe flight.

There is also a new draft ‘Drones Bill’ waiting in the wings that will give the police more power to intervene when they see, or get reports of drones being used irresponsibly. Users who fail to register or sit the safety test will face fines of up to £1,000.

If you want to learn more about UAV technology, or the process of becoming a qualified commercial drone pilot call our offices on 01353 771459. We have a range of courses designed to take you from zero to safe and competent operator.

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