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3iC and ProDrone Academy Market New Enhanced PfCO Course

Industry leading training organisation and CAA approved NQE 3iC has teamed up with Cambridge’s ProDrone Academy to add new and enhanced ground school packages to its portfolio of professional UAV training products.

3iC was established in 2015 and is renowned throughout the industry for providing some of the most stringent and content-rich training to its students, turning them from inexperienced amateur operators into fully trained, safe and competent commercial drone pilots.

ProDrone Academy is a division of Ely Aviation, one of the countries most active commercial drone operators specialising in aerial surveying and high-end cinematography for television production companies and large corporates.

Bob Gillan, 3iC’s Director of Training said “We wanted to enhance our existing training packages with a practical package that will be of real benefit to the industry at large. ProDrone Academy have a fantastic facility in Cambridge and as an experienced commercial operator fitted the bill as the perfect partner for us”

Ian Titchener, Senior Instructor and Examiner at ProDrone Academy added “3iC is the best in the business and by teaming up with them we have been able to bring an incredible training package to market that will offer elements that are not available via any other organisation

The new package, of course, will be available from today and features added practical elements where delegates are taken to mock flying sites, after having carried out planning exercise in their training and encouraged to set up as if they were on a real commercial operation.

Following successful completion of their PfCO they can choose optional ‘bolt-on’ packages including aerial surveying and inspection, aerial photography and videography or sales and marketing 101 specifically designed for drone pilots.

Courses are available to book through the 3iC or ProDrone Academy website

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