Train with leading aerial imaging experts at the Ely Aviation Drone Academy

September 2018-An Introduction to Drone Aerial Imaging for Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry

What this 2-day course entails...

Day 1 (Classroom Tuition)


  • Types of Drones for Aerial Imaging Mapping and their Sensing Components;

  • Understanding the Types of Aerial Imaging;

  • Understanding Aerial Imaging Scales, their Resolutions, interpretability and Ground Sample Distances (GSD);

  • How to calculate for Aerial Imaging Scales and GSDs;

  • What affects Scales and GSDs on Nadir Aerial Imagery and how we can improve them;

  • The "gist" of Photogrammetry;

  • Understanding Imagery Accuracy, Drone Positional Accuracy and their Errors;

  • The use and deployment of Ground Control Points;

  • Planning Considerations for various Mapping Imagery Acquisitions;

  • Typical Drone Flight Planning Workflows;

  • Understanding Drone System Limitations;

  • Recognising and Understanding the Operating Environment for Mapping;

  • Recommended Sensor Collection Settings for Mapping;

  • Nadir Drone Mapping Planning Considerations for Small and Large Environments;

  • Oblique Drone Mapping Planning for Structural Surveying, Inspection Mapping and 3D Modelling;

  • Common Aerial Imaging Collection Errors and how to Plan to Reduce/Eliminate them;

  • Common Autonomous Drone Mapping Planning Apps - their individual differences and uses;

  • Common drone mapping/surveying planning apps, their differences and uses for unique mapping undertakings.

Day 2 (Classroom and Outdoor Tuition)

  • Drone Mapping Planning Exercises;

  • Drone Mapping Practical Exercises;

  • Drone Aerial Imagery Collection Validation;

  • The creation of a basic and non-controlled Imagery Map;

  • Common Drone Aerial Imaging Processing Software;

  • Processing and Presenting Geospatial Information using GIS Applications;

  • Continued workshop discussions/consolidation and onward guidance;

  • Network and establish business connections with other CAA-accredited sUAS professionals.

Real practical mapping training experience...

A key element of this course is the opportunity to undertake a series of practical mapping task(s) in a real setting and which is based on a "client's RFI (Request For Imagery)".  Our experienced instructor will guide you through the exercises and there will be an opportunity to check/discuss imaging outputs during a relaxed post-mapping flight "debrief" session.  The practical exercises are typically conducted in small groups, usually one instructor to around 6 attendees.


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